More Satisfying: A Sex Doll Or A Pocket Pussy?

Getting sexual satisfaction can now be done in many ways. You can get in any dating app and hook up with any random girl who agrees to get it on with you. Or if not, there are more instant and reliable ways to satisfy your sexual urges.

One great way is through the use of sex toys that can help you out to get you to have a good time even on your lonely nights. Now when it comes to sex toys, the most popular ones are sex dolls and pocket pussies. If you are wondering which is more satisfying, then read on to know what each of them can do.

What a Sex Doll Can Do

Sex dolls are built and designed with the likeness of an actual human female. Every part of a sex doll’s body is highly intricate and detailed – from face to body to the intimate parts – which are so realistic that she can be mistaken easily for an actual female.

The use of a sex doll is to serve as a substitute companion for you to have some sexy times every night, even without an actual partner. A sex doll is well-equipped with the most realistic parts you can use for sex, such as the vaginal and oral areas. They are highly ideal to be used in the privacy of your room every night when feel like getting it on.

What a Pocket Pussy Can Do

On the other hand, a pocket pussy is a highly portable sex toy that takes the shape of a tube-like container, with a special hole on one side – which takes the shape of a pussy. The main purpose of this sex toy is to get you busy and satisfied more discreetly and instantly.

This sex toy is so easy to use. All you need to do is to enter through the vaginal hole in this toy, then you can do some pumping action to simulate the feeling of actually penetrating a partner or a sex doll. This is ideal to use in any private place if you suddenly feel the urge. Just make sure that you won’t get caught.

Get Satisfaction in Both Ways!

Both the sex doll and the pocket pussy are highly capable to give you the sexual satisfaction that you are looking for in regular sex. They just happen to be used in different ways, but the pleasure is both great on the two popular sex toys. What matters here is the time and location on when and where you want to get yourself satisfied – so that you will not have any reason to deprive yourself of the best sexual pleasure.