Sex Doll Materials: Is There Really A Difference?

As sex dolls have become more and more advanced, manufacturers have found two different types of materials that make the dolls look and feel incredibly realistic. That’s made love dolls a better choice for sexual satisfaction than ever, because once you’re in the throes of lovemaking, it’s almost impossible to tell that you have an inanimate object in bed with you, instead of a live human partner.

The two prominent materials for sex dolls

There are two types of materials used for the high-end sex dolls that you can find at Doll Wives. The two materials are TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone. Both of these materials have different advantages and differences to consider, when you’re shopping for the most realistic looking and feeling doll.

Which one has the most realistic feel?

When it comes to lifelike features and well-defined body parts, silicone has the upper hand. TPE vs silicone is a popular debate when looking at sex doll reviews. The details and feeling of the boobs and vaginas on silicone dolls are almost scarily realistic.

Which one has more realistic looks?

TPE dolls have a smoother feel that when you touch them, making it difficult to tell the difference between human and sex doll “skin.” They also look a little more human than silicone dolls. That’s not to say that silicone dolls don’t look realistic, but TPE dolls do look a little more life-like. That is why some people who are more turned on by looks than sexual contact would be more likely to prefer TPE dolls.

Which one feels more true to life?

When it comes to physical sensations, both TPE and silicone dolls can provide just about everything you’re looking for during sex. You can’t really feel the difference in the heat of the moment (unless you’re trying to compare them, as we have).

The only difference is that silicone dolls are softer and more pliable when it comes to touch and feel. TPE dolls, on the other hand, are a bit harder but still flexible.

How about maintenance?

Silicone is easier to clean and maintain than to TPE dolls. However, there are ways to clean TPE properly, they just require a little more work. Either TPE or silicone will a great choice for most love doll buyers.


What You Need To Know About Safe Sex With Love Dolls

Getting a sex doll along is a good way to ensure that you are practicing safe sex at all times. But before you head on to the most popular online shop to get the sex doll that you want to be with by your bedside, you have to know some things about ensuring safe sex through the use of sex dolls.

Measures to Make Sure That Your Sex is Always Safe

Sure, your lovely sex doll is a safe companion for getting it on already. But it is best that you do certain measures to make sure that you are getting it on with sex dolls and safety will still be observed. One thing you can do, of course, is to keep your sex doll clean and sterilized at all times after every use. Use a special type of cleaner to keep your sex doll clean and free of any contaminants.

Also, if you are getting it on with her, treat your sex safely like you are doing so with a real woman. Use condoms and compatible lubes, keep yourself clean, and practice other measures for safe sex – as she is not just some toy, she is a companion that makes you happy every night.

Why Sex Dolls Are Way Safer Now

There is a close connection between sex dolls and safety. First of all, sex dolls are designed to highly resemble human females, with all the most desirable traits and features that you will ever find in a woman.

Aside from the physical realism, sex dolls are now also designed with impressive functions that would make them perfect sex partners, such as their realistic anatomy and technological add-ons. By getting a sex doll, who needs some other girl to be with?

Because they are designed to be as real as human girls, they are perfect companions to have with on your steamy moments and lonely nights. Whatever you want to do with them during sex, you will be able to do so, as they will never nag or complain – only follow your actions and moan in response (if they have such features).

Getting a sex doll as your nightly companion is a perfect alternative to hooking up with some girls you just met. Not only because they are always available, they are way safer to get it on with. not only because they are cleaner and sterilized, but they also do not carry any kind of sexually-transmitted diseases that might endanger your health.


More Satisfying: A Sex Doll Or A Pocket Pussy?

Getting sexual satisfaction can now be done in many ways. You can get in any dating app and hook up with any random girl who agrees to get it on with you. Or if not, there are more instant and reliable ways to satisfy your sexual urges.

One great way is through the use of sex toys that can help you out to get you to have a good time even on your lonely nights. Now when it comes to sex toys, the most popular ones are sex dolls and pocket pussies. If you are wondering which is more satisfying, then read on to know what each of them can do.

What a Sex Doll Can Do

Sex dolls are built and designed with the likeness of an actual human female. Every part of a sex doll’s body is highly intricate and detailed – from face to body to the intimate parts – which are so realistic that she can be mistaken easily for an actual female.

The use of a sex doll is to serve as a substitute companion for you to have some sexy times every night, even without an actual partner. A sex doll is well-equipped with the most realistic parts you can use for sex, such as the vaginal and oral areas. They are highly ideal to be used in the privacy of your room every night when feel like getting it on.

What a Pocket Pussy Can Do

On the other hand, a pocket pussy is a highly portable sex toy that takes the shape of a tube-like container, with a special hole on one side – which takes the shape of a pussy. The main purpose of this sex toy is to get you busy and satisfied more discreetly and instantly.

This sex toy is so easy to use. All you need to do is to enter through the vaginal hole in this toy, then you can do some pumping action to simulate the feeling of actually penetrating a partner or a sex doll. This is ideal to use in any private place if you suddenly feel the urge. Just make sure that you won’t get caught.

Get Satisfaction in Both Ways!

Both the sex doll and the pocket pussy are highly capable to give you the sexual satisfaction that you are looking for in regular sex. They just happen to be used in different ways, but the pleasure is both great on the two popular sex toys. What matters here is the time and location on when and where you want to get yourself satisfied – so that you will not have any reason to deprive yourself of the best sexual pleasure.


Huge Advantage To Sex Dolls: They Don’t Care If You Fall In Love

There has always been this great divide between the affection you get from sex dolls and a human partner. People think that sex dolls are nothing but sexual instruments to fulfill your fantasies. On the other hand, they believe legitimate, human connection is better in always, which you get from a human partner. But today falsifies this notion. People are more isolated but more affectionate towards things they have. Some are finding solace in private sex cams, for example.

Love knows no categories, no bounds. As long as people achieve that romantic connection, then they are good to go. This notion is true because we see people adopting sex dolls into their families. The core reason is that they feel the same warmth towards humans in sex dolls, considering that sex is not just any action.

  • A different connection.

Connections can vary from friends, immediate family and relatives, and out significant other. Today, we have a different idea of what intimacy means. When someone is falling in love with a person, they go beyond the shallow desire to have sex with them or be physically close to them. The same applies to how some people treat their sex dolls: more than a companion in sex.

  • Happy, extremely happy.

When you find yourself being excited to be with your sex doll to try out new sexual positions, you learn that there is more to the sex doll and it being just a sexual instrument. It feels euphoric and relieving to have them be with you again after a long while.

Then you find yourself falling in love out of contentment with your love doll. To be fair, to share your physical body with someone or something grows a different connection. If you feel weirded out by the fact that you may be falling in love with your love doll, then maybe you should reflect.

  • Building an emotional connection and learning to open up to your sex doll.

Emotional connection is when you stop having sex with your sex doll mindlessly, and it is when you start seeing them as more than a tool for you to get off. You should stop judging or condemning yourself but you should start seeing it in better light.

When you start sharing so many happy and celebratory moments here, and some fears and bad experiences from before there, you start to realize that maybe what you have with your sex doll is more than sex.


One Of The Most Popular Sex Doll Models: Girls With Big Butts

It All Comes Down to One’s Preference

We all want something in life and it could be different from one another. People’s likes and dislikes are unique to each of them and it varies depending on the preferences that they have. The same goes when it comes to our preference for our sex partners. Some might like a specific race or ethnicity and it could be different for each of us.

In addition to that, some people might be attracted to specific body parts, and seeing them in person makes them hot, and want to have some piece of that. Some people may want a woman with huge tits while others might prefer a woman with big booty. In the end, it is different for all of us and what matters is that we should have what we like.

Sex Dolls Have Big Butts Too

The same goes when it comes to sex dolls as there has become a thing these days. You have plenty of options when it comes to sex dolls and numerous companies are making them these days. You can select the ones that you prefer the most and you can customize them as much as you want.

Well, if you are an ass man, sex dolls with big booty are still attainable and you can easily get them these days. These sex doll models are one of the most popular in the market right now. Many people prefer to see a sex doll with a big butt and it makes them hornier and enjoys the sexual experience with them.

Moreover, sex dolls can withstand strong pressure so you can do wild things with them as much as you want. It has materials that are sturdy enough so you will be assured that you are spending your money on a great product. Just make sure that you provide proper maintenance and care so that it could last much longer.

If money is never a problem for you, you can easily get a new one and you might have the money to spend on the latest models. It could be much better or provide new features that could make the experience even hotter and better.

All-in-all, big butts or not, it all comes down to our preference and we should get the one that we want the most since it is our money that we are spending here. Feel free to select the one that would provide you with the enjoyment that you are looking for.