How Lifelike Is A “Realistic” Sex Doll?

With the enjoyment and satisfaction that people experience when having sex with their sex dolls, manufacturers continue to improve their invention and make them more lifelike. By simply looking at the face of a love doll and touching her skin, you will definitely say that they look and feel like a human. Sex dolls are soft and flexible. You can do different sex positions with your doll without worrying about their weight.

Features that You Can Expect from Lifelike Sex Dolls

There are a lot of things that you can expect from a sex doll. It is because continuous improvements were made in order to come up with a doll that would look, feel, and act like a real human. If the sex dolls nowadays have realistic appearance and touch, the new generation of these dolls can already talk and move some parts of their body. They can turn their head or give you a smile thus making you feel that you are having sex with a real woman and not just a doll.

Aside from the looks and their capability to talk, sex dolls will also come with artificial intelligence. These kinds of dolls are hand-made for them to acquire the lifelike appearance where you can see their veins on their chest and arms. On the other hand, when it comes to the experience, you will never regret investing your money on having a sex doll because they can truly satisfy you in bed.

Sex dolls can do any sex positions with the flexibility of their body. You can bend them or let them kneel if you are opting for oral sex. Their size is just like an adult woman and you can choose if you want a sexy doll or a thick chick. They are made up of either TPE or silicone material to resemble the skin of a real woman. With all the changes and improvements made for sex dolls, you cannot deny the fact that they are not more realistic than before.

The good thing is that you can also customize your dolls the way you want them to look like. You can changes the hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, height, and more. You can even go for the miniature version of these dolls if that what turns you on. With the lifelike features of sex dolls, you don’t have to wonder why the demand is continuously increasing.