Sex Doll Materials: Is There Really A Difference?

As sex dolls have become more and more advanced, manufacturers have found two different types of materials that make the dolls look and feel incredibly realistic. That’s made love dolls a better choice for sexual satisfaction than ever, because once you’re in the throes of lovemaking, it’s almost impossible to tell that you have an inanimate object in bed with you, instead of a live human partner.

The two prominent materials for sex dolls

There are two types of materials used for the high-end sex dolls that you can find at Doll Wives. The two materials are TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone. Both of these materials have different advantages and differences to consider, when you’re shopping for the most realistic looking and feeling doll.

Which one has the most realistic feel?

When it comes to lifelike features and well-defined body parts, silicone has the upper hand. TPE vs silicone is a popular debate when looking at sex doll reviews. The details and feeling of the boobs and vaginas on silicone dolls are almost scarily realistic.

Which one has more realistic looks?

TPE dolls have a smoother feel that when you touch them, making it difficult to tell the difference between human and sex doll “skin.” They also look a little more human than silicone dolls. That’s not to say that silicone dolls don’t look realistic, but TPE dolls do look a little more life-like. That is why some people who are more turned on by looks than sexual contact would be more likely to prefer TPE dolls.

Which one feels more true to life?

When it comes to physical sensations, both TPE and silicone dolls can provide just about everything you’re looking for during sex. You can’t really feel the difference in the heat of the moment (unless you’re trying to compare them, as we have).

The only difference is that silicone dolls are softer and more pliable when it comes to touch and feel. TPE dolls, on the other hand, are a bit harder but still flexible.

How about maintenance?

Silicone is easier to clean and maintain than to TPE dolls. However, there are ways to clean TPE properly, they just require a little more work. Either TPE or silicone will a great choice for most love doll buyers.